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202xHealth Labs -The Health & Longevity Venture Studio


We are a beyond thinking venture studio designed to envision, validate and launch disruptive new ventures for the future of healthcare and longevity.

By leading with offbeat and bold ideas, we effectively combine the disruptiveness of a startup with the necessary stability of an experienced team and rock-solid resources to build and grow new ventures that require decade long roadmaps. 

Our Mission: Envision and build the future of medical treatment and healthcare

The concepts of health and health care are moving towards the notion of personalized preventive health maintenance and away from an exclusive focus on the cure of disease. 

We are driven by the mission to enable humanity to live longer and healthier, shape the future of our healthcare system and democratize high-performance medicine through the power of innovation, science and entrepreneurship.


We are a group of forward-thinking entrepreneurs, serial venture builders and seasoned software developers. We combine decades long operational expertise in the medical sector with a deep understanding of cutting-edge technology and passion to redefine the future of healthcare.

Dirk Simon

Dirk is a Computer Scientist and looks back on more than 25 years of experience as managing director, chief financial officer, advisor & investor in publicly listed and private companies in the life sciences sector. He has a broad expertise in product development, financial modeling and marketing in the medical sector.

Hendrik Kleinwächter

Hendrik is a entrepreneurial Software Engineer with specific experience in the development of neuronal networks and artificial intelligence and structures the evaluation of causalities and correlations with his developer team.

Philip Mertes

Philip is a Silicon Valley trained and seasoned Venture Developer with a background in product management, private equity and intellectual property law and is experienced in bringing products to market with data-validated learning & scientific experimentation.

Advisory Board

We partner with scientists and researchers who operate at the frontiers of medical excellence and innovation. 

Prof. Dr. med. Gerd-Dieter Burchard

Specialist for inner medicine, tropical medicine, infectiology.

Dr. Wolfgang Paul Tigges

Surgeon, vascular and visceral surgeon, trauma surgeon (Dipl. Kfm FH).

Thomas Voigt

Attorneys Siegert, Gerst & Voigt

– Company attorney, Head of legal Department –

Focus Areas

We’re committed to improving the lives of as many people as possible with technology. Personalized preventive medicine will be critical to solving public health challenges at their causal root. Our ventures set forth visions and plans for the realization of preventive medicine by 2050 and examines efforts already underway such as participatory health initiatives, the era of big health data, and qualitative shifts in mindset.

The three most important areas in which we see the biggest impact to shape the future are:

Delocalized Care

Diagnostics, therapy and patient care migrates from hospitals and doctors’ offices into any and every space around the globe via the Internet. Open access to diagnostics and treatment for everyone to every professional on the planet can delocalize healthcare markets and democratizes high-performance medicine.

Intelligent Prevention

Interconnected sensors transmit health data in real-time to remote AI-powered (super-)computers that combine current bio data and medical history data. As abnormalities are detected, AI-driven computers analyze real-time data. Technology enables optimal prevention based on real-time health data and therapy monitoring.

Personalized Medicine

Imagine a world, where treatments, diets and medicine were targeted at your individual genome: starting from discovery, over lab testing to product development. In order to make this vision become reality, latest technologies such as sensors, neuronal networks, robotics, AIs, 3D printing, genomics & quantum computing must converge.

“The innovation location Germany is thanks (and despite) its high standards in health and data security predestined to become a pioneer in the most important fields of innovation in healthcare. Our goal is to unite a large number of people from business, science, politics and administration who want to actively enable and shape the future and be part of the solution.”

Dirk Simon

Initiator & Co-Founder 


Current Ventures

Healthcare Intelligence Software based on digital biomarkers

(Launched March 2020)

What if we could use technology to enable a prevention, treatment monitoring and corona lifecycle management based on real-time health data and shift Corona Treatment from reactive to proactive?

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202xHealth is a beyond thinking venture studio designed to envision, validate and launch disruptive new ventures for the future of healthcare and longevity.
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